Watcha Wearing, Lauren?

OK, ladies… here’s the deal. I spend way more money on my running shoes and gear than I do on real life clothing. There’s no shame in my game! I want to look cute doing what I love, but I also need it to be high quality and performance-based. That’s why I’m a Skirt Sports ambassador.

{love running ultras in my Hover Skirt!}

Odds are, if you see photos of me running, you’ll see me in a skirt. Watch on for a review of my favorite outfit and the skirt that carries me through most of my ultras. If you’re interested in trying out some Skirt Sports gear for yourself, use code 67Beif for 15% off your purchase!

Hover Skirt and Free Flow Tank Review:


Last weekend was a fun 50K. Next weekend is the Mount Mitchell challenge – 40 miles of mountain running up the tallest peak in the east! This is what I’m doing in the meantime…

Psst…. use code ALB20 for 20% your purchase of a Range Roller!