I ran for several years before breaking into ultras and there are too many races from that time to keep count of. However, I want to keep a running tab of all my ultras because let’s face it…I’m old and I’m starting to forget it all!

Stump Jump 50K, Chattanooga TN,  September 2016

Yamacraw 50K, Stearns KY, April 2017

Stump Jump 50K, Chattanooga TN, September 2017

Chattanooga 100 relay (~28 miles), Chattanooga TN, December 2017

Cloudland Canyon 50K, Lookout Mtn. GA,  February 2018

Mount Mitchell Challenge (~40 miles), Black Mtn. NC, February 2018

Dam Yeti 50 miler, Damascus VA, June 2018


Mo’Bell 100, Montgomery Bell, TN, August 2018

Chattanooga 100, Lookout Mtn. GA, December 2018