Ragnar Relay {TN} Recap

Where: Chattanooga -> Nashville, Tennessee

When: March 23/24, 2018

Stats: ~200 miles, 12 runners, 2 vans, road running relay

Bottom Line: a fun way to share 34+ hours with friends–just wished it had been trail running instead of road running!

Alright, let’s get one thing straight…..this gal is a trail runner through and through. Heck, I don’t even own a pair of road running shoes. But when two of your favorite trail runners say “let’s do it,” I say….”why not?!” I guess I’m a try anything once kind of chick.

somewhere in TN, in the middle of the night, wondering why I’m so tired and questioning all of my life choices 😂

I grabbed a well worn pair of trail shoes, several skirts and then took my mama van on an adventure. We crammed six runners into each van and then proceeded to run 3-10 mile increments across the countryside of Tennessee.

5 am start, I was runner 1!

While the road running and all the action was a little….um…..overstimulating…..it was fun to do something out of my comfort zone. And when you’re with awesome friends–both brand new and old–it’s hard not to have a blast. My cheeks were sore from all the laughter!

While it’s definitely not the kind of race I normally do, I’m glad I got the chance to experience this with some awesome people. I mean….my van will never be the same. Straight up shenanigans, y’all!

I ran 3 legs with a grand total of 14.6 miles. Definitely not strenuous, but it ended up being great training for my upcoming 100 milers since I had to run one leg at 2 am, totally sleep deprived.

Allllll the coffee!!

So that’s it! Back to training. I will miss all the shenanigans, though….

Cloudland Canyon 50K, February 2018

Where: Cloudland Canyon State Park, GA

When: February 10, 2018

Stats: 32.5 miles, ~4,000 ft elevation gain

Bottom Line: a scenic, fun and beginner-friendly 50K

Recapping my epic day on the trails this past Saturday!! As a kid, I grew up visiting Cloudland Canyon and playing in the waterfalls. I love this place and I love running it even more. The 50K this past Saturday was epic in many ways. This was my fourth 50K and I think I enjoyed it the most. Mild weather, downpours beginning at mile 18 and a new PR for me. Grand totals: 32.5 miles, around 4000 feet of elevation gain and I finished in 8 hours 4 minutes. I was pretty happy with that.

The first 13 miles of the race are incredibly scenic as you run around the canyon rim, down inside, then up past the waterfalls. There are something like 400 steps you have to climb up… but the views are magnificent. The next part of the race is pretty runnable through some back country trails as well as mountain bike trails.

I had run the first part of the race (~13 miles) twice before and I’d run the remaining trails while doing the Chattanooga 100 relay this past December. So I knew exactly what was in store. That probably helped a lot for finishing with a new PR. Glad to have my hubby and running buddies there at the aid stations. A great day in a great place!