Hi. I’m Lauren…a mom to 3 special needs kiddos (one home grown and two through international adoption,) a biochemist, trail runner, outdoor junkie, occasional climber, wannabe yogi, personal trainer, nutrition coach and all around nerd. You can also read more about my running motivation by reading this post: Why I Run

I’m running two 100 milers this year. This is my journey. But why a blog? I’ve had so many people message me to ask for advice, tips and info about what my training looks like for my chaotic and crazy life. Time is limited for me, so sometimes I have to get creative. Why would anyone care about me, a middle-aged, back of the pack, mother runner?

1. Because I’m not an athlete but I play one on this blog

2. I never ran until I was in my 30’s and never dreamed I’d be running ultras after 3 kiddos

3. I want you to know that it’s ok to be a back of the packer (it’s where the party is at)

4. Maybe you’ll find the inspiration to run 100 miles, too.

Welcome to my world!