Whatever It Takes

Long time, no blog, huh? I’ve just been sitting around being lazy.

Ahahaha. Just kidding.

The last time I wrote a post I was recapping my 80ish miles I ran at Mo’Bell 100. Since that time I’ve been working on increasing speed, incorporating more hill repeats and ramping up my volume. All the normal stuff you do when training for another 100 miler.

The Chattanooga 100 is now looming on my horizon….65 more days to be exact (but hey, who’s counting?!) I’d love to tell you all that I’m super prepared and ready for THE BIGGEST RACE OF MY LIFE but if you’ve been a reader of this blog for any length of time, you’d know this couldn’t possibly be true.

Anyways, as per usual, I’m struggling to get all my training miles in. Three kids, all their extracurriculars, special needs… blah blah blah. You know the story. So I’ve been trying to get pretty creative when it comes to training. This means doing back-to-back long runs on the weekends whenever I can…. but my weekends are getting more and more booked, making those much-needed long runs harder to fit in. This means taking my kids with me to the track/bleachers for short runs. This means parking my kids at the top of a hill on the trail while I run up and down until I’m ready to vomit. It means using my treadmill and sometimes waking up while the moon is still out to run around my hood. It also means lifting heavy and cross training when I can.

It’s crunch time and I’ve decided that I will do whatever it takes. Whatever.It.Takes.

So that’s it. That’s all I’ve got. Will I be ready? Haha. Probably not. But I’m gonna give it hell and have fun trying.