Life is….

….unpredictable, to say the least.

Being a mom to 3 kiddos with special needs isn’t very conducive to 100 mile training. After an unexpected 9 day hospital stay for one kiddo last week and a hospital procedure tomorrow for another kiddo, training has been anything but consistent. Throw in the other extracurriculars and therapy appointments and the fact that I’m preparing to head back to work soon….well you get the idea.

Life has been overwhelming lately. It is now 10 days until I conquer my first 100 miler. 10 days, y’all!!!!

One thing I know for certain, though, is that I’m 100% mentally ready for this race. Physically, I also know I am capable. I just wish I could have carried out my training as I had originally intended.

I’m fighting some arch pain from a mild case of plantar fasciitis, so I’m taking it easy right now. More biking and weights, less running. I’ve been working diligently on stretching and strengthening my foot. I have faith that it’s going to be OK… or at least enough to get me through my 100 {this stretch above is so simple but works so well for stretching my feet!!}

It’s time to prep, rest, restore and just breathe. And eat 😉 Next post will be all about prep and supplies. 10 days!!!!!!!!