Rest. Sleep. Eat.

My motto this week: rest, sleep, eat!!

I’m 4 days out from my first 50 miler. This week I’m refueling my body by focusing on non-running activities (hiking, climbing) and proper nutrition. I took a short run this past weekend and will probably loosen up my legs with another one tomorrow.

Tapering doesn’t have to make you crazy if you fill it with other fun activities! And sleep. I can’t overstate the value of true, quality rest. It always makes or breaks my ultra experience. Early to bed each night this week–no partying for this girl!

So what else do I usually do during the week when the countdown is on for a big race? Here’s a list…

• hydrate early and hydrate often

• make sure to eat extra antioxidant-rich foods, healthy fats, omega 3’s and complex carbs

• daily cbd oil, bone/joint supplements and turmeric

• sleep, sleep and more sleep

• foam rolling, yoga and light activity

• limit alcohol consumption

That’s it. It’s pretty simple and overall very similar to my normal routine. I used to not do anything in regards to preparing for a race… But when I took the time to properly rest and fuel, the difference was overwhelming. I’m not out there to win it–by any stretch of the imagination–but I am out there to enjoy myself. And I found that these simple little things can make my experience so much more enjoyable.

What do you do to prepare for a big race?!

Just truckin’ along….

Whew! Dam Yeti 50 miler is drawing closer. One more long solo run coming up and then a short taper before the big day. The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of distractions and injuries! But I’m still going to hold my head high and give it my all.

It wouldn’t be a good training run without my trail buddy and a minor sprained ankle….

Got a lot of time on my feet and even a run in while my son competed at Disney:

This week holds lots of treadmill running, strength training and a super duper long trail run this weekend. I’m working on getting acclimated to the heat and humidity and catching all the spiderwebs across my face. Happy hump day, y’all!