An Ode to an Endurance Runner’s Spouse

I have a secret…. without my husband and his constant support, I wouldn’t be able to successfully complete these fun and exhausting ultras I always talk about.

I mean, he puts up with a lot….

Let’s face it, I have three kiddos. One of them has significant special needs. And to top it all off, we have no family nearby. My husband is the one entertaining everyone during my Saturday long runs, rearranging his schedule to make my destination races and training runs work and wrangling everyone during the actual race itself. Sometimes he even jumps into action at aid stations while he is waiting for me. My hubby also often serves as my crew and cheerleading team. Oh–and he’s the one who has to listen to me moan and groan after a particularly tough race. That’s gotta be fun, right?!

my kiddos having fun during the Yamacraw 50K in KY

My hubby also has his own hobbies that sometimes get pushed to the back burner in order to fulfill family obligations.

And sometimes, he even humors me with a run.

Running ultras at this point in my life isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to manage, but he helps make it work. I guess when you’re a Mother Runner, it really does take a village. So thanks, my faithful and most favorite supporter, for all that you do!!

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