Cross Training and Blisters…oh my!

One of my very favorite ways to cross train has nothing to do with trail running. My second love is climbing and bouldering. I joined a bouldering league with some of my buddies and we’ve been having a blast. Last night, however, I managed to rip my hand open during a fall, resulting in a nasty, gaping blister.

And today was supposed to be a running and strength training day. I decided to grab my new Skin-On-Skin blister dressing pack out of my trail running bag and give it a whirl. It’s made by 2Toms–the ones who make the best anti-chafing sport shield on the planet. I’m lucky enough to be an ambassador for them this year and they kindly sent me this kit to try out. I was a little nervous because I don’t always get blisters on my feet from trail running… but lo and behold I was given a chance to try it out!

The dressing kit comes with this really cool blue sheet of water-based gel material that you can cut to fit the size of your blister/chafing area. It cools immediately upon contact and provides a nice cushioning buffer. Then you can cut the adhesive tape to fit just right and hold it in place. Since this kit is so customizable, I was able to fit my blister really well and get it prepped for some strength training today.

I’m sure at some point I will be needing this during a trail run so I plan on always keeping this in my hydration pack. Awesome product! I was provided this kit free of charge, however, all opinions are my own. And the blister was hard earned 😉

For 20% off your 2Toms purchase, use code ALB20:

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